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+48 505 388 800
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"I -" Memorandum of Understanding "- including the Association of European Regions Network NEREUS as an advisory partner to the Subcarpathian Business Incubator of the European Space Agency (ESA BIC)
II - Pillars of growth of the aviation sector in Poland
III - Synergy between EU funding - Profram Clean Sky 2 / Information about the upcoming Cleane Sky 3 Program "

Best Metal Perfekt na Targach w Kielcach

Our company participated as a metrology exhibitor on the twelfth fairs organised in Kielce by Targi Kieleckie S.A. as part of the "Industrial Spring". We had the opportunity to present ourselves alongside almost 900 exhibitors from over 30 countries around the world. Everything that is related to metal processing should be verified.

Compliance with the assumptions adopted when creating the design of a given product and the analysis of the accuracy of measurements is our passion and professional path of people employed in our Measurement Laboratory in Lublin..