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+48 505 388 800
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   Strength tests are used to determine the properties of materials and determine the parameters that characterize their deformability. Among the strength tests, which include tensile, bending, breaking and impact tests, our company performs a hardness test, which consists in pressing a diamond indenter in the shape of a correct pyramid, a hardened steel ball, a diamond cone or sintered carbides into the surface of the sample and measuring the size fingerprint.
  The main purpose of the test in is to determine the resistance of a material to permanent deformations, which arise under the influence of concentrated forces acting on a small surface of the material, is performed at our Measuring Laboratory in Lublin with the use of a universal Mitutoyo hardness tester. It is a portable measuring device that allows you to easily and accurately measure the hardness of a given detail.
The Hardmatic HH-411 is a lightweight, portable hardness tester with digital readout, designed for measuring metal objects.
 - It works according to the principle of "elastic rebound" (as described in the ASTM A 956 standard).
 - The measurement result is presented on the L scale (Leeb's scale). However, it is possible to convert to any other desired hardness scale.
 - Automatic measurement angle compensation function.