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+48 505 388 800
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Best Metal Perfekt – Metrology Lublin

   Best Metal Perfekt expert in specialized laboratory services in the field of length and angle measurement of products and prototypes, as well as mechanical durability testing, product and material structure testing.

   The company's daily challenge is to achive the highest quality of the measurement process while maintaining its efficiency. Our service proviciency is ensured by the certified, experienced metrologists with and the newest measuring equipment.

  BM Perfekt laboratory is located in Lublin. Our offer is dedicated to anyone who wants to take advantage of metrological services. A perfectly equipped measuring laboratory allows us to provide a wide range of services while maintaining quality. Each of the services, will be provided with individually created report, containing end results, used method and conditions. We carry out all the tasks with highest attention to details and with the full commitment. products provided are at the highest level, and can be extended to comprehensive services, such as designing, constructing, packing and delivery, to all orders in metalworking category


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Measurement Services

Usługi pomiarowe

Our Laboratory is equipped in high end measuring equipments, therefore we are able to performe all sort of measuring service using many methods.


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Laboratory Equipments

Wyposażenie laboratorium

Latest measuring equipemts, which can provide incredibly accurate and stable results..


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In our offer you can find wide range of metalworking products, such as forgings, die, open-died forging, which can be produced from our own mateials or one provided by client.


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We desing, produce and deliver veraiety of steel casting ( up to 45 tons) and iron casting ( up to 30 tons), according to client’s drawings

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Obróbka mechaniczna

For our maching services we use standard and CNC machines, providing high quality products for the industry.


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Construction services

Usługi konstrukcyjne

We also offer construction and design services in the field of creating casting and forging dies or stamps performed with the use of 3D CAD software.


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Quality policy

Our company constantly strive to implement best solution in order to improve our working system as well as quality..

Please do not hesitate to check out our procedures yourself.


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Partnership Term and Condition

from the first moment of submitting the inquiry, the customer is assigned a CRM number

-To be able to provide the highest level of service, we kindly ask you to send your products for measurement ready for it, i.e. they should be: clean, deburred, without dents, not covered with grease. Please keep in mind all of the above-mentioned factors so that after the product is delivered, there is no need to clean or wash it, because this would increase your costs

-The above-mentioned factors negatively influence the measurement results