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+48 505 388 800
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FThe company carries out regular and one-off orders in the scope of:
 - Geometric measurements with the contact method performed with the use of a CMM and hand tools;
 - Geometric measurements using the non-contact (optical) method performed with a vision-optical machinej;
 - Deviation of the position shape;
 - Endurance;
 - Non-destructive NDT;
 - Spectroscopic;
 - Hardness measurements;
 - Surface roughness.

 - Automotive;
 - Aviation
 - Railway;
 - Medical;
 - Textile;

Measurement services

Length and angle measurements test

We perform these types of measurements using a modern Mitutoyo coordinate measuring machine and manual tools. The scope of conducted research, including measurements: lengths, diameters of shafts and holes as well as deviations of roundness and cylindricity, radii of circular arcs, wedge angles and cones

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Roughness measurements

This type of measurement consists in examining surface unevenness. The procedure is expertly known as surface micro geometry. We perform measurements with the use of modern and accurate equipment, which allows us to quickly obtain reliable results. The Mituyoyo machine has a large working range and complies with many international standards, therefore we can offer high-level measurement services.

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Optical measurements

Optical measurements are contactless, in advance of the achievements of optoelectronics. They are based on measuring the reflection or scattering of light by the tested object. To carry out the possibility of using the tests, we use the Mituyoyo vision measurement system, which offers wide possibilities of use, guaranteeing the fifteenth test floor

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Non-destructive NDT measurements

Among the tasks we carry out in the field of metrology, there are also non-destructive NDT measurements. We perform magnetic, ultrasonic, penetration and visual tests as well as the thickness and hardness of welded joints, castings and forgings. Portable equipment enables the provision of measurement services at the customer's premises or other designated facility. 

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Price list of measurement services

- Measurement using the QS-3017 optical-visual system - PLN 150 measurement of one product
- Measurement of products on the Coordinate Measuring Machine - PLN 150 measurement of one product retail quantity - up to 20 items (wholesale quantity - over 20 items to be negotiated)
- writing a measurement program fee - PLN 500
+    measurements of geometric features and shape deviations
+    high resolution optical

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