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+48 505 388 800
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Roughness measurement, better known as a surface microgeometry, is a set of real surface irregularities with relatively small vertex spacing. Initially, is assumed that when dealing with roughness the ratio of S to its height R satisfies the inequality S / R 1000 (omitting roughness and waviness), then there is a shape deviation.
In our Measuring Laboratory in Lublin, the roughness of the measured detail is measured with the universal Mitutoyo roughness gauge. It is a portable measuring device that allows you to easily and accurately measure the surface roughness.
The Surftest SJ-210 profilometer has the following advantages:
- Compliance with international standards, for example EN ISO, VDA, ANSI, JIS.
- Different types of drives provide a wider range.
- The calculation results, profile evaluation, amplitude distribution curve and relative profile reference curve are displayed.
Measuring range: 360 microns
Travel range X: 17.5 mm
Resolution - 0.02 µm