+48 505 388 800
+48 505 388 800
NIP 712 329 02 00
Mełgiewska 74, 20-234 Lublin

steel castings - up to 45 tons
iron castings, including ductile iron - up to 30 tons.

We make and deliver the castings in the raw state or machined according to the documentation received.
They can also be made from the delivered model.

Sample assortment:
- gears, bushings / connectors, hubs, valve bodies and wedges, controller housings, manholes, grates, ACO channels, gullies, clamps, gear housings, and others.

The company offers comprehensive customer service: designing the technology of making castings, foundry tooling, producing castings, machining and heat treatment, painting, packing and shipping.



In our offer you can find wide range of metalworking products, such as forgings, die, open-died forging, which can be produced from our own mateials or one provided by client.


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We desing, produce and deliver veraiety of steel casting ( up to 45 tons) and iron casting ( up to 30 tons), according to client’s drawings

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Obróbka mechaniczna

For our maching services we use standard and CNC machines, providing high quality products for the industry.


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Construction services

Usługi konstrukcyjne

We also offer construction and design services in the field of creating casting and forging dies or stamps performed with the use of 3D CAD software.


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