+48 505 388 800
+48 505 388 800
NIP 712 329 02 00
Mełgiewska 74, 20-234 Lublin

We offer:

die forgings from 0.5 to 55 kg or open die forgings up to 5 tons, from own or entrusted material, according to individual designs or full technical documentation.

Products can be:

unprocessed, pretreated or mechanically treated, made of carbon, alloy and unalloyed steels with special properties.

Examples of few products in our assortment:

gears, chains, hooks, rings, bushings, pins, crankshafts, hubs, discs, bolts, nuts, washers, split pins, screws, bolts, pins, keys, bolts and other fasteners. We have extensive experience in the design, manufacture and regeneration of forging tooling for the execution of forging orders. From the moment of receiving the order, we are able to deliver the ready forging to the customer even within 4-5 weeks. In the production process we use, among others hot forging presses (force 1600 tf, 2500 tf, 4000 tf, 6300 tf), horizontal forging machines (force 800 tf, 1200 tf), finishing presses (force 1000 tf, 1600 tf), forging hammers and specialist devices that enable execution of a very wide range of forgings.