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+48 505 388 800
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   Best Metal Perfekt expert in specialized laboratory services in the field of length and angle measurement of products and prototypes, as well as mechanical durability testing, product and material structure testing.

  The company's daily challenge is to achive the highest quality of the measurement process while maintaining its efficiency. Our service proviciency is ensured by the certified, experienced metrologists with and the newest measuring equipment.

 The company competitiveness is main possible due to our highly experienced and qualified laboratory's employees , but also thanks to our Ukrainian contacts. Those gives our clients the most cost effective service on the market. Our staff approaches each measurement with the caution, taking many factors into consideration , as the measurement results can be easily disturbed. At the same time They are able to attach and interpret the indications of the measuring instrument. When obtaining the indication of a measuring instrument, They are choosing the best method for the tested material, as they know all too well how correct result are subsied by the measuring methods, tested measuring equipment, measuring conditions, conducted test and the measuring tool itself. The obvious success is also the world-class equipment from Mitutoyo in which our Lublin’s laboratory is equiped , thanks to which we make any measuring requets possible to You.


   Best Metal Perfekt partnership with companies offering die drop forging with a product weight from 0.5 kg, from 55 kg, and maximum dimensions up to 500 mm or open die forging up to 5 tons, steel castings up to 45 tons, iron castings, including ductile to 30 tons

   We believe that our customers, working with us, will be able to improve the quality of their production as part of its continuous improvement and application of its quality. Hoping that by doing this we are improving the quality of life for all of us, every day.

     Our company's motto:
„We work in good company, and those are: good surroundings, good people, good technology.".

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