+48 505 388 800
+48 505 388 800
NIP 712 329 02 00
Mełgiewska 74, 20-234 Lublin

- Measurement using the QS-3017 optical-visual system - PLN 150 measurement of one product
- Measurement of products on the Coordinate Measuring Machine - PLN 150 measurement of one product retail quantity - up to 20 items (wholesale quantity - over 20 items to be negotiated)
- writing a measurement program fee - PLN 500
+    measurements of geometric features and shape deviations
+    high resolution optical measurements
+    we analyze very small elements
+    we measure 2D or 3D geometry
+    non-contact measurement - no need to touch parts
+    possibility of optical and contact measurement
+    taking photos at high magnification (smears, pores, surface defects) while maintaining high resolution
- Roughness measurement with the Surftest profilometer - PLN 20 / measurement
topography, roughness and microgeometry measurements
contact and contactless (optical)
+    measurements with contact sensors, contact sensors with low pressure,
surface analysis in accordance with the latest standards
possibility of measuring on transparent elements
contour analysis (height differences, radii, angles, distances)
contour maps of surface roughness and geometry
free extraction of measurement profiles from the surface
measuring the features of rotary tools
measuring the features of cutting inserts
- Hardness test - PLN 25 / measurement

Range of services

+    hardness testing of elements with rectangular and cylindrical shapes
testing the hardness of elements with irregular shapes
gear hardness test
testing the hardness of internal surfaces
testing the hardness of carburized and nitrided surfaces
hardness testing of small thickness elements
- Measurement with the LH-600 Altimeter - PLN 10 / measurement
- Measurement with a universal measuring tool for geometric shapes - PLN 10 / measurement
- 2D reverse engineering using the optical-vision QS system and 3D using the Coordinate Measuring Machine - PLN 50 one measurement feature