+48 505 388 800
+48 505 388 800
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Best Metal Perfekt Ltd.
Our commitment is to meet the requirements of our clients, at the same time providing them with full satisfaction of the quality our measurement services, which are conducted at the highest European level, while maintaining the company's key position on the industry market by constantly extending our clients portfolio.

Based on previous customers experience of the quality of our services, as well as on satisfactory cooperation. We are certain that Best Metal Perfekt Ltd is going in the right direction, which is additionally proven by our well established suppliers portfolio. Sharing the same quality of standards as our customers, we require the same form our suppliers. It allows us to adopted strategic and operational’s goals for the organization.

  • Systematic increase in our brand recognition and striving for full identification of our organization's services on the market.
  • Fulfilling ISO 9001:2015 working standards and constantly improving Quality Management System as whole.
  • Maintaining and providing services at the highest quality level.
  • In order to meet customers' requirements by using innovative measurement technologies and providing services accordingly with latest business management trends and techniques together with optimal use of resources for testing purposes.
  • Improving business relations and extending our CRM in order to fully meet our clients current and potential requirements, giving them, if desired, individual solution. At the same time maintaining highest standards of services and products provided by Best Metal Perfekt Ltd.
  • Full employees involvement in every aspect of the process order, supported by theirs own skill, experience of development and improvement.
  • Continuous strive to ensure the competitiveness of our services on the market
In order to guarantee highest standards of our measurement services, as well as our selling products, above requirements must be met fully. This provides our current as well as any potential clients with assurance, that throughout the entire process the same quality standards are maintained. In return our company can comfortably build its own name on the market, and further company improvement as a whole.

BM Perfekt Ltd. Management team is driven to achieve all above mention requirements with full awareness. By having its own as well as full staff commitment and understanding in this area. Best Metal Perfekt Ltd.. together with all personnel pledge to preserve constant improvement of the quality management system.

Lublin, January 3, 2019